The inn

A family area, graced by the landscape of one of the most beautiful beach towns on the sweet coast of Lagoa dos Patos "One of the largest lagoons in the world".

Tempered by the historic Pomeranian and German colonization, with its own tradition of being a tourist town.


With plenty of green area, a beautiful orchard, hammocks, bicycles, grills and a distinguished service.



Pousada Nona Amábile

My house your home!

The inspiration

Inspired by the example of life of our beloved Nona Antonia Amábile Loss Vasata.

Nona Amábile, daughter of Italian immigrants, born on August 8, 1923, in the municipality of Barra do Rio Azul-RS. Served as an example for all of us, leaving 93 years of great love and dedication.

Whenever we went to the house of the Ninth she had: polenta, schmier with seasonal fruits, homemade bread, crackers, grostoli and so many things that she herself was preparing to receive us.

The house was small and very humble, but what made everything special was the care, attention and care it gave us, everything was very cozy and pleasurable.

In the house of the Nona we sang, laughed, had games, fruit in the orchard, barbecue and many, but many joys.


With the aspiration to keep alive the flame that lit our family for 93 years, we decided to open a house where people could meet and have some of the experience that we had when we went to the house of the Nona

Didi Loss

Goiana in nature and Gaucho at heart, with several experiences in the private sector in the telecommunication sector, having worked with a multinational consulting firm. I decided to move to São Lourenço do Sul and undertake.

All inspiration came through two people who became very special in my life who was my dear companion, supporter, supporter, master Antonio and our esteemed nona who was so special that I decided to put his name in the inn "Nona Amábile", a little lady very friendly, sweet and helpful. Always received her family and friends in a very welcoming.

When we were in the house of the ninth Amábile the table was set, bed tidy and she waiting for us with all that tenderness regardless of the time we arrived.
I want to be able to transmit for each guest, family that comes to visit us this experience of affection and warmth in every detail. I want people to feel like they're at Grandma's house.